Hours of Collection

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

Bring your electronics to Schaefer Enterprises at 500 26th Street, Greely, CO.



** Important Update - 2017

Information regarding all types of televisions and monitors:

Televisions and Monitors can no longer be completely recycled in facilities such as SEI’s Recycling and Baling Center. All televisions and monitors (not just those with a Cathode Ray Tube) must now be sent to an “end of life recycling or downstream recycling center” in order to be fully recycled. These recycling facilities have the proper certifications and the equipment necessary to safely remove the chemicals and poisons that are contained within televisions and monitors.

In Greeley and Northern Colorado, there are very few recycling collectors who take televisions and monitors. This is due to the fact that they are so expensive to recycle. Most collection facilities charge a hefty fee to take your televisions or monitors. SEI’s Recycling and Baling Center and Schaefer Enterprises, Inc. have formed a partnership with a downstream recycling center and will serve as a “Pass Through” recycling center for televisions and monitors.

We must charge a fee to accept the televisions and monitors because we now have to pay to have them recycled safely. We can no longer recycle the televisions or monitors. We hope that by becoming a pass-through collector that we can charge lower prices then you would have to pay with other collection facilities. We will then process the televisions and monitors and ensure that all recycling regulations are followed when sending them to the end of life recycling facility.

We apologize for these unfortunate circumstances, but we have no choice. We must follow all Department of Health and Public Facilities requirements for recycling.

Call us at 970-353-0662 for more information on these prices.

All other electronics will be collected for free. See What We Recycle for more information.

SEI's Recycling and Baling Center Is A Member of the Schaefer Enterprises, Inc. Family Of Opportunity!

We provide services to people with developmental disabilities and our main focus at this time is to create jobs for them that pay minimum wage or above. Everyone deserves a job and the people we serve are excellent employees who deserve the best! Help us to fulfilthis missionfor them!

In addition, Schaefer is a 501 3c Organization If you would like to receive a donation slip for the electronics you bring in, please ask our receptionist for one!


We Will Recycle These Electronics For Free

Desktop Towers/Computers
Computers Modems, switches, routers
PDA's or E-Readers
Cell Phones
IPODS, MP3/MP4 Players
Fax Machines
CPU's (Central Processing Units)
Compact Disc Players
Electric Typewriters
Hard Drives
Printed Circuit Boards Radios
Remote Controls
Word Processors
Video Game Systems

This is not an all inclusive list. If you have other items, please contact us to determine if we take them.

A Fee Will Be Charged ForAll Televisions & All Monitors

Schaefer can NOT accept the following:

- Projection televisions. These can not be recycled in any way nor will they be accepted by end of life recycling facilities. We apologize for any inconvenience.

- Any type of appliance big or small. For example, curling irons, vacuums, stoves, refrigerators, etc.


The above list is not all-inclusive. If you have questions about items that you would like to recycle, call us at 970-353-0662 to see if we accept them.

Drop Off Location
& Hours Of Collection:

Bring your recycling to Schaefer Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) at 500 26th Street in Greeley, CO

We collect electronics between the hours of 9:00 to 3:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. (Please do not bring electronics and leave them on the ground in front of our building. This does not comply with the rules and regulations for recycling centers as the chemicals could seep into the ground).

Recycling Pick-Ups:

Is your piece of electronics too large for you to handle yourself? Are you unable to get out and bring us your electronics? We will pick them up for you for a fee. Call 970-353-0662 to schedule a pick-up

Electronic Reciclyng in Greeley, Colorado and Weld County
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