The Colorado Electronic Recycling Jobs Act bans businesses and residents from disposing of electronics in landfills after July 1, 2013. That means all televisions, computers, printers, fax machines, stereos, monitors and other electronic devices must now be recycled. This law was developed to create new Colorado jobs and to keep hazardous waste out of landfills.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Safety recommended Schaefer publicly in news articles as the place to bring your electronics in Greeley.

SEI’s Recycling and Baling Center

Located on 8th Ave. in Greeley, Colorado has been up and running since July 1, 2012. The amount of electronics that we have recycled during this past year is up to 2 million pounds. On an average day, we receive and collect electronics from at least 25 new or return customers. If customers can’t come to us, we will go and pick up their electronics. Currently, we complete at least 4 to 5 pick-ups a day.

But most importantly, in accordance with our mission and purpose, we were able to employ 25 people in our recycling plant. These employees are a mix of people with and without disabilities. They work side by side to make sure that the Recycling and Baling Center is able to disassemble and process all of the electronics received on a daily basis.

Schaefer is dedicated to teaching our staff and the people we serve the importance of recycling and how this helps to clean up our environment. Everything that is brought to us for recycling is disassembled down to the smallest piece. All of the raw materials are then sent to certified recycling plants to be further broken down and used in the manufacturing of new electronic products. Schaefer walks the talk when it comes to cleaning up our environment.

Did You Know?

Schaefer Enterprises owns and operates an electronic recycling business in Greeley, CO! We are dedicated to helping clean up our environment so that our future will be healthier and safer!

SEI's Recycling And Baling Center:
E-Cycling - The Concept, Development & Growth

In 2006, Schaefer Enterprises, Inc. ( saw an opportunity to help keep our environment and landfills clean while providing jobs to people with disABILITIES. Our dream was realized when we opened an electronic recycling business in Greeley, serving Weld and Larimer Counties.

Our foresight back in 2006 was right on the money and now organizations and businesses such as ours are popping up all over the state. Their primary goal, like ours, is to help residents find a safe solution for destroying old electronics AND to help people with disABILITIES find gainful employment.

While these new businesses have been rushing to open so they can help their communities comply with the new Colorado E-Waste Law that went into effect on July 1, 2013, Schaefer has spent this past year moving our well-established electronic recycling program into a separate building in the Greeley community because we no longer had the space at our plant to store and recycle all of the electronics we were receiving on a daily basis!

If it’s the right thing to do, we will do it.

Why Recycle Your
Old Electronic Equipment?

We want to form a partnership with all of the Weld County Community and work together to:

  • Recycle valuable metals and components that can be used again in other manufacturing processes
  • Keep the hazardous chemicals used to make electronic equipment such as mercury, barium and cadmium from polluting the water and air resources.
  • Help stop the fastest growing hazardous waste (electronic waste) from threatening human health and the environment.
  • It helps to save space in landfills and as you know this is a huge problem right now.

Worried About Your Data?

You don’t need to be! Our consumers remove the hard drive from desktops, tablets, or laptops. We destroy each hard drive one at a time. Our workers with disABILITIES use an old fashioned drill bolted on to a table and drill holes from one side to the other. Typically, the hard drive has five to six holes drilled into it before it goes through quality assurance processes to ensure the job was done correctly. By drilling holes in this manner, you can be 100% sure that your data is destroyed. Our consumers enjoy this part of the recycling process and they work hard to ensure that the job is done correctly each and every time.

Additionally, every employee at Schaefer & The Recycling/Baling Center is bonded and specific policies and procedures are in place that any electronics brought into the building can not be taken out or turned on under any circumstances. Once we have the electronics, they must stay in the building and in accordance with rules and regulations they are disassembled within 30 days.

Electronic Reciclyng in Greeley, Colorado and Weld County
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